Tampa Bay Fishing Charters in the winter time!!

With this current cold from moving through the area, we will be fishing a little differently here in Tampa Bay. Most of the white bait they we have been catching will go deep, and dissapear off of the flats we have been catching it on. Even if you are able to get white bait in the bridges and such, the water temperature will be too low for it to be productive. This time of the year, shrimp is your friend. With the water temperatures in Tampa Bay in the range of 54-62 degrees, the fish want an easy target. When we have cooler weather like this, most of our Tampa Bay fishing charters are concentrated in the creek mouths around Tampa Bay. River, creeks and back bays is where you will find our fish that we typically catch this time of year. That being said, you can have some incredible days in the creeks when its cool out. The concentration of fish, and the right bait can make for a day you wont forget. We  do like to fish the warm ups, but mid frontal conditions can be very productive as well. On the calm days, when there is not much wind, we can sneak off shore and target big Tampa Bay Sheepshead. These fish are incredibly good eating and an absolute blast to catch. There are a ton of options for your Tampa Bay Fishing Charters this time of year, so don’t let the cool temps deter you from getting out and catching fish on beautiful Tampa Bay!!