Tampa Fishing Charters Cold Front!

This weekend we had our first “cool Front” come through the Tampa area. The change in the pressure with an approaching front usually means our Tampa fishing charters will experience a great bite for most of day. However that was not the case on our last Tampa fishing charter prior to the front. We started out hot in the morning bagging some nice mid slot Tampa Bay Red Fish, but then the bite seem to die. As we were looking at schools of Red Fish from 30 to 100 fish it was progressively getting more and more frustrating not getting them to commit and eat our baits. The great thing about living and fishing here in Tampa is there is always a plan b, there is always another spot or tactic that may yield better results. On our Tampa Fishing Charters we always have have an alternate plan to turn to just in case plan a , does not shake out. We ended the day with some nice Tampa Snook and trout, plan b ended up working out. The day after the front can produce some very tough fishing, with blue bird skies and high pressure. These are a couple of conditions that fish seem to dislike, however the following few days when during the warm up is usually very good.

Tampa Red Fish Charters

As the days get shorter and we move towards the stronger tides of winter, we change up our tactics on our Tampa Fishing Charters when it comes to Red Fishing. Right now if you join us on a Tampa Red Fish Charter we will most likely be using cut bait of some sort. We use cut Green backs, Thread fins, Pin Fish, Lady fish Etc.. We usually spread about 3 to 4 lines in what we call “milling mullet’ or into a school of Red Fish directly if we can visually see them. Another tactic we use is cutting the tail off of a medium size Pin fish of Green back, this ads sent and does not allow the bait swim off to easy. One thing to keep in mind when targeting spooky Tampa Red fish especially in and around weather fronts,is the farther you can cast, the better hook up ratio you will have. Using cut bait gives me the ability to throw the baits a country mile, while keeping my boat a safe distance away from the school . I promise you will catch more Tampa Red Fish if they don’t know your there. As the tides start to drop out this season to what we call “negative tides” don’t let a little low water scare you, some of our best Tampa Fishing Charters have come on negative tides. The Tampa Red fish will drop off of the flats and into what we call depressions, troughs or pot holes. Once you find the low water that’s holding the fish, the bite can be pretty awesome. All in all the cool thing about Tampa Red Fish Charter is that you can catch them year round!

Trout Fishing Charter Tampa

One of the staples Tampa Fishing Charters this time of the year is our Tampa Bay Trout fishery. From October through December and beyond can be some of the best time to book a Trout Fishing Charter here in Tampa. Cooler water temperatures bring the number in to our part of the bay, and it is not unheard of to have 20-30 fish day. Tampa Sea Trout are some of the best table fair around, and we have clients that specifically request and book days this time of the year get there limit. On your Tampa Fishing Charter we will have several options for you to choose from as far as tactics to entice these delicious Tampa Sea Trout to eat. On your Trout Fishing Charter we may use a live Green Back, free lined or on a cork. If you prefer artificial baits we use a number of different lures including soft plastics on a 1/4 ounce jig head, mirror lures, and top water baits. Some of the bigger Sea trout we catch on our Tampa Fishing Charter actually come from fishing structure around oyster beds, shallow water rocks etc. Some of our Gator trout which are trout bigger then 25 inches, have come while we have been targeting Red fish. Large Tampa Sea Trout over 25 inches get my blood pumping more than any other fish I catch. If your looking to load up on these good fighting, great eating fish, now is the time. Call me to book your Trout Fishing Charter here Tampa while the getting is good.

Snook Fishing Charters Tampa

Snook season is still in full swing and some of the biggest Snook are caught this time of the year. Our Tampa Snook Fishing Charters have produced a good number of average fish along with some slot and over slot Tampa Snook. There is a slot on our Tampa Bay Snook, the fish if you wish to keep it must be between 28″-33″. On our Tampa Fishing Charters we target out Snook this time of year with medium to large size Green backs, mostly free lined. If we are targeting specifically large and over slot Tampa Snook we will use a small live lady fish of large Thread fin herring to get the bite. Tampa Snook are a very structural fish and you will usually find them in the Tampa Bay area holding on old docks, Mangrove Shorelines, Submersed rubble in shallow water, and sea walls. On our Tampa Fishing Charters we have found that a good moving outgoing tide has produced the best Snook bite, but we have caught Snook on all phases of the tide. Right now while the mornings are cool and the water temperature is dropping in Tampa Bay, we can usually find some nice fish on our Snook Fishing Charters. If you have never experienced a bite being blown out of the ware by one of our Tampa Snook, you are missing out! Lets’s put a Snook Fishing Charter together here in Beautiful Tampa Bay and we will show you what Tampa Snook Fishing Charter are about!

Tampa Fishing Charters Fall Season

The fall weather brings some incredible action to our Tampa Bay Fishing Charters. The above mentioned species is only a few of what Tampa Bay has to offer this fall season. There is a plethora of species to catch including Flounder, Mangrove Snapper, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Inshore Grouper and more. The best thing to do when looking to book a Tampa Fishing Charter is call us up and see whats hot, this way you can have a good idea of what to expect. Fall and Spring are my favorite times to be a Tampa Fishing Guide, because the possibilities are endless. One day we can be in 10 inches of water stalking a spooky School of Tampa Red Fish, and the next trolling for inshore grouper in 35 ft of water. Tampa Fishing Charter Fall Season also includes a bunch of Corporate Charter where some of the best fishing guides in Tampa Bay meet up and get see one another after a long season. I always enjoy these events and meeting new clients, as well as seeing old ones. If you would like to enjoy the change of the season on Tampa Bay then join us on a Tampa Fishing Charter! Tight Lines!