Homosassa Scalloping Trips


1867c7e9cff0f8a861a2994e503210c2Here at All American Charters we provide everything you will need to catch your limit of scallops! We provide the snorkels,masks,flipper,bags,dip nets you name it we have it. We will cruise down the river and take a couple short cuts straight to the Scallop grounds. For those of you who have never scalloped before, we catch these delicious little treats in crystal clear water just off our coast. The depth of the water is usually around 4 feet, so don’t worry you can stand up and touch the bottom at any time. We will walk through what to look for and how to catch them. Scalloping is awesome for families big or small. Captain Art Wile, All American Charters Scallop specialist, has been fishing and scalloping the Homosassa area for the past 20 years. This guy is CRAZY good at making sure you come home with your limit of scallops every time. Myself and Captain Art run a bunch of trips together. This allows us to take large parties out to scallop. Corporate scallop events are becoming more popular, if it’s 10,15,20 people you have no problem our network of local guides will fix you up no problem. Scalloping trip hours and rates are on my rate page, but we run specials all the time so it’s best to call. Please book your trip well in advance for scalloping we get booked in a hurry. The scallop season dates are June 28th through September 24th. You can check our Facebook page to make sure these dates have not changed.


All American Charters is lucky enough to have what I like to call a “Hired Gun” a “Specialist” of sorts. Captain Art lives in the Homosassa area and runs trips for All American Charters in our busiest seasons. He is no way a part time fisherman, any day of the week you can see him cruising the Homosassa flats. He is one of All American Charters best assets and you will absolutely love fishing or scalloping with him, he’s a blast! He has all the licensing and equipment that I carry.Captain Art fishes and scallops out of a very comfortable 22 ft century bay boat with all the latest safety equipment and gadgets to ensure you have a day on the water you won’t soon forget. He is great at putting his clients on multiple species of fish. However he seems to have an uncanny “sixth sense” type talent on catching BIG gator trout and filling his boat up with a limit of scallops every time out. I have learned a lot about flats fishing from him when I was younger and we still fish together every chance we get, oh yeah and he is my uncle !!


If you are planning on staying in or around the Homosassa area while you scallop there are a few hotels and lodges on the river that are perfect for a weekend stay or longer. I do recommend that you book your rooms well in advance, scallop season is the busiest time of the year here in Homosassa. Above is a picture of Macraes, they will be more than happy to set you up with your lodging anytime, just click the picture and the link will bring you to there website. Other lodging options are; Riverside Resort, Seagrass, Bella Oasis etc.. There are also many houses for rent along the river this time of year.If you are having trouble booking a room or need some additional information give me call and I will walk you through it. There are also many restaurants in the area and when you get here we will fill you in on the best local places to go. The best way to get into contact with Captain Art Wile is through the contact information throughout the site. I will have Captain Art call or email you as soon as he is able.

76cffdaafabe3ccc70cabbf218118d6dFISH & SCALLOP COMBO TRIPS!

We offer fishing and scalloping combo trips during scallop season. This is a great way to break up the day. We try to schedule the trip so that the best tides can be taken advantage of. Make sure you let us know ahead of time if a combo trip is something you would like to do so we can plan accordingly and get all of our gear set up and ready to go. Make it a combo and lets go!!

ef56a00828caecc8b5b5efe63a52bd99SNORKELING GEAR

We offer all the gear you will need. However if you would like to bring your own please feel free.Sometimes your own gear fits a little better than ours. If you have kids please let me know ahead of time so I can make sure I bring plenty of kid gear for everybody. Scalloping is an awesome family adventure that kids just absolutely love.


b756534cec1329a6a516e0c11624ba46We will give you a tutorial on how to clean your scallops. Captain Art is incredibly quick and does a great job. I am pretty good but he can clean a whole bucket to my half.. If cleaning scallops is not your deal, don’t worry. There are plenty of dockside set ups along the river where they will clean your scallops for you. It usually runs about 45 minutes to an hour depending how busy they are. You may legally keep 2 gallons of whole scallops or 1 pint of scallop meat per person per day. No more than 10 gallons of whole scallops or a 1/2 gallon of scallop meat may be on the vessel at any one time .


Captain like is in our network of guides, he owns and operates FlatsXpress charters


Click on the pictures and it will bring to the recipes, enjoy!

Bay scallops with a garlic butter suace

Fried bay scallops

Bay scallop newburg

Bay scallop and shrimp linguine

Fried bay scallop po boy