Homosassa Fishing


Native americans where the first to actually live here, it was not until some time later that there is history of spanish explorers discovering the area. William cooley was one of the first shakers in the land development of homosassa. He took advantage of a federal land disbursement that granted any head of household that could bare arms and cultivate 5 of the 160 acres granted to them the right own such land. Cooley took full advantage of this and he and his neighbors submitted numerous applications to settle the land. Eventually cooley was the areas most prominent land owner,pioneer and merchant. He was even the areas first justice of the peace. Cooley ended up selling his land to david yulee in 1847 (one of florida’s first senators and land developers) and moved to tampa. Yulee built a 1,000 acre sugar plantation and a large home on tiger tail island.

(The fleet in Old Homosasa, commercial shrimpers and crabbers have been making a living on these waters for years.)

(Yulee sugar mill still stands today)

(Hampton’s fish house in the 1920’s)

This linked coastal steamers from the gulf to tiger tail island and served as a small port of call. During the civil war homosassa served as strong hold for the confederate army. Yulees plantations where destroyed by union soldiers and gun boats.

After the war northern investors bought land and tried to develop an infrastructure with prosperity in mind.When the gulf coast railroad company built there extension line from ocala, through dunnellon to homosassa, the remote area was opened up to the rest of the country. The service of this railroad was ended around 1941 with emergence of us highway 19. This became the preferred method of travel to and from homosassa. After this era ended, there have been properties bought and sold numerous times.

Development on the river has changed and new business, hotels and restaurants have sprouted up. over the years many things have changed, yet the fishing and wildlife seems to continue to be the areas best product. I consider myself very lucky to have grown up in this special area. With life today changing at a rapid pace my time and trips that are spent here are more enjoyable than ever. Even with the changes one thing remains the same, this is truly a slice of “old florida”.



The Homosassa river winds and turns until you reach Homosassa bay. There are creeks, rivers and cuts that you can ease down along the way. It is here that you can see,..well just about anything! Wild boar,Ospreys,Eagles,Gators,Manatees,Dolphins and who knows what else. Due to the natural springs we have up river, Manatees are one of our biggest attractions. The cooler months will bring hundreds of Manatees to our springs. My rate page has information on how to book an Eco Tour. I highly advise it if you have never been here, you won’t soon forget it.

Manatees are here year round, but really concentrate in our springs in the cooler months

You will most definitely see some of these guys out there they are awesome birds, Ospreys are always on the hunt

I can’t remember the last time I have not seen a dolphin when on the water in Homosassa. There are tons of them here!

The Springs are 72 degrees year round, you can relax and cool off from a hot day of fishing or scalloping!


Redfish :

Easily the most sought after game fish by my clients.With the areas rocky and hard bottom it’s tough on lower units but great for Redfish! We catch these guys year round on an array of different baits ranging from live bait, cut bait, spoons and jigs. We can usually put you on some redfish anytime through out the year but if your free in October and November you have a great chance at landing a monster. These Homosassa Redfish school up these months and become very hungry. There is a pocket in March and early April that is very productive as well. These fish range in size from 18 inches up to 40 inches plus!

Speckled Sea Trout :

​Theses guys are right up there with redfish as some of my personal favorites. They are a staple in the Homosassa flats. They live in shallow grass beds, sand bars etc. You never know where your gonna catch a trout. The “gator trout” is a speckled sea trout that is more than 22″ in length in my book. These fish love live bait, but the right combo of artificial baits will land you a boat load. They are plentiful year round but there is a good push of trout September through December with May and June being really good months as well. Oh and one more thing they are delicious to eat!!

Snook :

With water temperatures sometimes in the Winter hitting the 50’s, the Snook up here are little particular. At any given time you can catch a Snook. Usually for me its an unexpected surprise when I am fishing for other species. You have your best chance at landing a line-sider in June and July. They will eat just about anything when they are hungry. I have caught them on everything from cut bait,live bait and even on hard baits while trout fishing. Any Snook caught in Homosassa is a trophy.

Tarpon :

Near the flats of Chassahowitzka you will find world record silver kings. These fish migrate through the area near the end of April and sometimes stay until early August. There are many ways to entice these fish to eat and it is truly a once in a lifetime experience, I recommend that you put this on your bucket list. These trips fill up far in advance so make sure you book way ahead of time.

Seasonal fish that we catch :

We catch a variety of fish through out the year, but the more seasonal fish are Flounder,Sheepshead,Spanish Mackeral, Pompano,Black drum,and a host of other fish.


I always recommend that you call me before you decide when you want to book. Through out the years the weather changes, some seasons hang on longer than they should, winters may be colder than others, etc. My point is that this is an estimate of when these fish will be around based on the past years. Every year is a little different so if there is a particular fish you would like to target give me call ahead of time and I will give you an up to date report on what we are catching at that particular time.


Fishing Homosassa and the surrounding areas is something I cannot recommend enough. As we cruise through the back country you will see gators, eagles, hawks, hogs and who knows what else! This is “old Florida” at its finest. Come aboard my fishing vessel for an exceptional Homosassa guided fishing experience you’ll tell your friends about.  Here we will fish for Trout, Redfish, Pompano, shallow water Grouper, Sheepshead, and Tarpon.  Fishing Enthusiasts travel to Homosassa from far and wide to experience the most productive backcountry fishing for Redfish & Snook.  Backcountry Tarpon fishing is another highly popular Homosassa fishing charter we offer for anglers looking to boat this mighty silver fish.  There is no telling what we will get into out there!! Scalloping trips have become my most popular trip in Homosassa. If you have never scalloped on the nature coast before your missing out, it is a blast! I love first time scalloper’s so lets go!!